Goal-Directed Therapy

Rebecca’s approach to therapy is eclectic, emphasizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family of origin issues, and mood disorders. She applies strategies that help individuals develop personal insight and coping skills to better deal with the challenges occurring in their lives. Her therapy encourages a substantial dialogue between therapist and client, with strategies assigned to practice outside the therapy session. Her goal-oriented approach lends itself to either short- or long-term therapy.

Noted Speaker and Author

Rebecca has lectured nationally on relationships, addiction, self-esteem, autism, and workplace issues. She has written many articles on these subjects, published in national and local magazines and newspapers. Over the past 30 years, Rebecca has also been featured on local and national television and radio shows. She also co-authored the book The Ten Foolish Dating Mistakes That Men and Women Make, a guide to better understanding and improving dating and social behaviors. As a noted author, Sperber’s published works offer insight and strategies for dealing with issues affecting our personal, family, and work life.

Dating & Relationships

Featured on national television, Rebecca co-authored Ten Foolish Dating Mistakes That Men and Women Make and How To Avoid Them. Rebecca has written various articles and resources on healthy dating and successful relationships. Go to The Therapy Room to find articles on relationships and other psychological related topics.

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    Stop ruining your chances of lasting love. Develop attitudes and behaviors that foster healthy, positive, and romantic relationships. Learn how intimacy unfolds, discover your judgment, perception, and behavior errors, and uncover what your dating actions say about you.

Individual & Family Counseling

As a licensed psychotherapist, Rebecca Sperber draws on more than three decades of working with individuals and families on healing from trauma, self-improvement,  communication, and the breaking of dysfunctional behavioral patterns.

Addiction Recovery

As an extension of her practice, Rebecca has written many articles helping adults and families heal and recover from addiction.

Autism & Advocacy

Rebecca is an international expert on autism who brings first-hand knowledge to her advocacy as she is a parent of an autistic child. Rebecca has written for numerous special needs publications and has been a regular contributing expert for several national publications. She has also participated in Autism Brainstorm panels on Google Hangouts.

  • The Miller Method: Cognitive Therapy Intervention (CTI) for Children with Autism
  • The Autism Perspective: A Mother’s Perspective on Applying Cognitive Therapy Strategies With Her Autistic Son
  • Functionally-Based Curriculum for Teens with Severe Cognitive Impairment – Special Education Advisor for Students With Severe Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Brain Damage
  • Creative Cognitive Approaches – Special Education Advisor
    in the treatment and education of the severely autistic child
  • Autism Isolation Syndrome – Autism Today
  • Social and Personal Strategies For Families With Autistic Children
  • Improving Deficits in Communication, Collaboration & Creativity – Special Education Advisor, Education Goals For The Severely Autistic Child
  • Clinical Parenting Approach To Autism – Autism @ Home Series
  • Encouraging Independence and Initiative – Autism @ Home Series
  • Increasing Engagement Through Novel Experiences – Autism @ Home Series
  • Regressive Periods of Functioning: Treatment and Coping Strategies>>more of Sperber’s Articles in the Autism @ Home Series

As an advocate for students with autism, Rebecca has advised parents on how to resolve conflicts within the special education departments within the LAUSD system.


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