The Path For Autistic Kids Aging Out of the School System: The Severely Autistic Students Are Especially At Risk for Warehousing


A recent NBC Dateline episode, “On The Brink” aired on April 12, 2015, and highlighted a dire situation facing many autistic young adults and their families. It stated that within the next two years approximately 500,000 autistic teenagers will become ineligible for free public education because they will have reached the age of 22, The official term for this process is “aging...

The Miller Method: Cognitive Therapy Intervention (CTI) For Children With Autism


In 1999, I found myself bound for the East Coast to attend my first autism conference. My son, Benny, had been diagnosed in 1997 when he was three years old. I am a psychotherapist by profession, specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy for individuals having a variety of diagnoses. I knew little about autism, but was determined to learn and learn fast. I had thought about ways to apply the...


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