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Learning to be more effectively assertive is crucial in the developing and maintaining of healthy relationships.  Too often people will aggressively blurt out their feelings and what they want and expect from others. Many confuse assertiveness with aggression, believing that as long as you put out your thoughts and feelings you are being assertive.  The simple way to tell the difference between...

How Friendships Shift


Friendships are more complicated than most people realize.  They are often simplified into categories such as best friend, close friend or peripheral friend.  Close friendships usually have endured over time and through varied experiences where trust, loyalty, adventure and love are consistent.  However, as people mature and experience inner shifts in values, interests and experiences, feelings...

Attachment:  What Attracts Us and Why?


Why do we attach and connect to certain people and not to others? Attachment is about seeking to get our needs met. If we are seeking to get unhealthy needs met that reflect hurts and wounds that come from our past, than attachments to unhealthy people and situations can occur.  For example, if you had parent who was self-absorbed and abandoned you emotionally, your attachment patterns could go...

Establish Effective Communication


To establish more effective communication, it’s important to determine the efficiency of your listening skills. Think about it. What are the chances that your communication attempts with others will be productive and satisfying if you don’t accurately here and fully understand what the other person is saying? Most people literally hear words accurately, but often miss the meaning of what is being...

Communication: Getting it Right


Being a good communicator can transform your life  Saying what you want, how you feel and what you will not tolerate is empowering and builds self esteem. Effective communication can make dreams come true and eliminate chaos and conflict in your relationships. Communication involves a sender of information and a receiver of that information. So if your conversations often end in conflict or...


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