The Art of Meeting Goals


Setting goals is part of life. Looking forward towards what we want to achieve is a motivating force in life. When one sets a goal there is usually a strong. intention to meet that goal. There is also excitement at the anticipation of meeting the goal. However, goals commonly go unmet, mainly because the actions needed to achieve the goals are not fully defined or are not fully taken.

So why does one set a goal and not actively pursue it? Common reasons are, “ I got busy, I got lazy, I didn’t know what steps to take, I lost interest in the goal, or I kept moving the set timeline for achieving the goal”. The statement of the goal is not enough. Just declaring “ I want to lose weight” or, “ I am going to get a new job” does not lead to accomplishing the goal because there is no plan with identifiable steps to guide one into action. Additionally, if a goal is more of a “ should” than a “want” it is likely not to be achieved.

Here is a process that increases the odds of achieving your goals:
1. Name the goal that you want to achieve in specific terms
2. Identify the level of enthusiasm that you have about the goal
3. Identify obstacles ( if any exist) to achieving the goal
4. Identify information you need to know related to the goal
5. Identify the people who can help you achieve your goal
6. Develop at 4-5 step behavior plan that leads to achieving your goal
( Examples, Do a resume, do research about the goal, find a mentor etc).
7. Start action on the goal within 48 hours of setting the goal.
It is helpful to not pursue too many goals at the same time. Doing this can cause one to lose focus and drain ones energy and as a result accomplish nothing. Learning to incorporate goal setting into your life plan will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. It is not always easy, but it’s worth the effort. YOU are worth the effort.

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