Autism: The Challenge of Cognitive Deficit In Treatment Gains


Autism is a neurological disorder usually diagnosed in childhood when developmental milestones begin to show significant delays. Autism affects each individual to varying degrees in all areas related to speech and language development, social engagement, cognitive and behavioral functioning, and sensory/motor function. Additionally, a hallmark feature of autism is the exhibiting of repetitive...

The Art of Meeting Goals


Setting goals is part of life. Looking forward towards what we want to achieve is a motivating force in life. When one sets a goal there is usually a strong. intention to meet that goal. There is also excitement at the anticipation of meeting the goal. However, goals commonly go unmet, mainly because the actions needed to achieve the goals are not fully defined or are not fully taken. So why does...

Laziness Can Become an Addiction


One of the most common excuses people give for procrastinating and not completing tasks is that the are “ lazy”. That word seems so understandable. Sure we can all relate to the feeling of not wanting to exert ourselves, especially for a difficult or “non-stop preferred” task. A lazy episode is normal, however by using the label of lazy to describe yourself, you predict that you will not...


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